M.G.A. présente
Le Grand Mumbafuneur Fernand Mabala
Petite Mbemba / Lissima la Kinoise
M.G.A. Production 002

Goedemorgen groevers, na drie dagen oude Braziliaanse klanken
schakelen we door naar Congo’s jaren tachtig. Geen exact jaar
van uitgifte is hier bekend. Ook weet ik je over Fernand Mabala
weinig zinnigs te vertellen. Ik vond deze plaat in de kast en na ‘m
te beluisteren wist ik het. Dit is een artiest waar ik meer van zou
willen horen. Fijne vokalen, ritmes en gitaren. Al kraakt het wel
een beetje, deze is het waard nog een aantal keren te draaien.
De extra geluidjes zul je hier even voor lief moeten nemen ..

Good morning groovers, after three days of old Brazillian sounds
we turn to Congo’s eighties. No exact year of release is known for
this record. About Fernand Mabala I also can’t tell you anything
useful. I found this album on the shelf and after listening I knew,
this is an artist I would like to know more of. Nice vocals, rhythms
and guitars. Eventhough it has plenty background noise, this is an
elpee worth at least a couple of spins. The extra snap, crackle
and pops you’ll have to accept I’m afraid ..


01 – Petite mbemba
02 – Avis de recherche
03 – Lissima la kinoise
04 – Fanfan


7 thoughts on “M.G.A. présente
Le Grand Mumbafuneur Fernand Mabala
Petite Mbemba / Lissima la Kinoise
M.G.A. Production 002

  1. With one extra letter I’d wonder if he’s related to Youlou Mabiala. But then that would be tantamount to equating Smith and Smiths, Rogers and Rodgers, Seller and Sellers. The music however is related in the most relevant way, by it’s craft and sound. Viva la musica.

    • On the record shelf he is Youlou’s neighbour
      so they live next to each other, I must admit
      I had the same thought this morning,
      funny coincidence Ian .. cheers

  2. No Ferdand Mabala was a younger, not related to Youlou Mabiala. he grew up in Pointe-Noire where he lived with his brother. Then he came to Brazzaville and he became famous around 1987- to 1990 with a song call Yatama, at that time in Kinshasa King Kester was the leading musician, so he tried to go head to head with him. He brough out few discs at the time

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