Afric Music et les Editions I.S.A. présentent:
Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau
Rythme: Soum Geye
Afric’Music 1980

Lately we’ve seen various records with Tabu Ley Rochereau.
Some live, some studio, one way or the other, Rochereau’s
music and sublime singing always find a happy listening
ear. The double album we have for you today is a splendid
one. The greatest singers and instrumentalists were brought
together for this 1980 recording. It sounds like it’s
been made yesterday. Enjoy listening ..

We hadden de laatste weken verschillende platen met Tabu
Ley Rochereau. Sommige live, sommige uit de studio. Hoe
dan ook, Rochereau’s muziek en mooie stemgeluid vinden
altijd blije luisteraars. Het dubbel album dat we vandaag
voor je hebben is een zeer goede. De beste zangers en
instrumentalisten zijn bijeen gebracht voor deze
1980 opnamen. Het klinkt alsof ze gisteren
zijn opgenomen ..

LP 1
01 – Tant que je l’aime (Tabu Ley)
02 – Maindo moussa (Tabu Ley)
03 – Ndaya la sitoula (Kwami Munsi)
04 – Inutile balobaka (Dino Vangu)
05 – Kakola bolingo (Kiesse Diambu)
Lp 2
06 – Bawela bomengo (tour du zaïre)(Tabu Ley)
07 – Coup de marteau (Tabu Ley)
08 – Linda soleil (Kwamy Munsi)
09 – Balingaka ndenge nini (Mekanisi-Modero)


10 thoughts on “Afric Music et les Editions I.S.A. présentent:
Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau
Rythme: Soum Geye
Afric’Music 1980

  1. Hi Moos – thanks for recent Tabu Ley crackers. You think you’ve got everything then something new comes along. I read somewhere he is the most recorded artist, don’t know if that’s true. Wanted to let you know I’ve been having lots of OCD fun with your old 7×7″ downloads – splitting them into singles & digging out artwork – wiles away the hours happily – thanks for all the material, and all your work over the years. You’re always my 1st port of call on a trawl.

    • Nice to hear you’re enjoying yourself
      Dennis, exactly what it’s meant to
      cause. Trawl on and stay tuned.
      I’ll make some other 7×7″ soon.
      Don’t forget to share again ..

  2. I think Franco released slightly more but who’s counting. What a dynamic duo indeed. What an oeuvre. What a find! Bedank

  3. Moos we have a problem. Everytime I click on the download link, it goes to another page without downloading. Please fix when you have the chance. Would love to listen. Cheers!

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