The Young Talents of Etsako
Bowo 1977

Hello folks, how are you today ? Fancy some more
obscurity from Nigeria ? How about this record with
the Young Talents of Etsako, as usual it has a little
crackle and such. Only information the album gives
is their group name and the titles. No idea who the
young talents are. Discogs doesn’t know them and
it seems ungooglable so to speak. If you know more,
please enlighten us. for now, just listen ..

Goeiemorgen mensen, wat dachten jullie van deze
rariteit ? Het betreft nog zo’n zeldzame plaat in de
Etsakor sectie. The Young Talents of Etsako heten ze
en zijn online niet te vinden. Discogs heeft nog nooit
van ze gehoord en ook op de plaat zelf staat niets over
wie ze zijn. Slechts de bandnaam en de titels. Als jij iets
weet, vertel het ons dan ook .. voor nu, luisteren maar ..

01 – omoaseba
02 – Ranayemere
03 – Oje-je
04 – Obenemoye
05 – Oshokenoya
06 – Oamen-ho-oa


6 thoughts on “The Young Talents of Etsako
Bowo 1977

  1. Thanks a lot Moos. Very nice discover. A style of Etsakor quite different from others (trumpet on the forefront instead of guitar). Voices very nice in my opinion. Great music for a lazy afternoon with sun and cold beer.

  2. Hello,

    thank you very much for this kind of music! Well I found some interesting articles which put this bands music into a kind of context. I hope yout might like it.

    The first article give us some basic idea about Etsakor people, their music and their major livelihoods:

    The next one digs deeper into music, with a focus on super star in terms of Etsakor music:

    The last one is about the origins of Etsakor people and their arrival in Nigeria:

    A fellow blogger called afrosunny has some more Etsakor artists on his website. And globalgroovers has some more Etsakor artists by the way too.

    All the best. Stefan

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