Folclore Angolano vol. 3
Various Artists
N’Gola 1976

Just a few days after we had Volume 1 I found the third
volume of this great Angolan series. My friend Edo took
off a fair part of the price and we agreed on the deal. You
are the lucky ones today on which I share it. Let the globe
enjoy listening to this rare record that is still in good
condition. Better don’t miss it groovers ..

Zo toevallig, enkele dagen nadat we het eerste volume
hadden, vond ik deze Volume 3. Mijn vriend Edo deed
wat van de prijs af en we werden het eens over de deal
met deze zeldzame Angolese plaat. Jij bent de mazzelaar
die vandaag dit pareltje kunt downloaden. Hij verkeert
nog in prime conditie dus geniet ervan ..


01 – Luanda Show – Africa a chorar
02 – Sofia Rosa – Manhinga mami
03 – Super Coba – Massanga
04 – Dimba Diangola – Catolotolo
05 – Super Coba – Fimpantima
06 – Africa Show – Ritmo da ilha
07 – Os Cinzas – Madrugada
08 – Quim dos Santos – Ka ki bangue-‘à
09 – Africa Show – Lamento
10 – Dimba Diangola – Tira sapato
11 – Super Coba – M’bongo
12 – N’Goma Jazz – Sa madia


7 thoughts on “Folclore Angolano vol. 3
Various Artists
N’Gola 1976

  1. Loved the recent volume 1, sure to cherish this one. That now puts you on the hunt for the elusive second. To infinity and beyond. Obrigado for posting these rare items.

  2. Better take out a new insurance package or put your gems in a vault. Thanks for your dedicated pursuit of aural pleasure for we appreciative global groovers. I think I’ll name you in my will. Cheers Moos

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