John McLaughlin – Extrapolation
Polydor 1972

Good morning, something out of the ordinary today. It
is because I need a certain fragment of this album for a
project that I had to digitize it this morning. When I was
about 15/16 years old I listened to a whole lot of jazz-rock,
stuff like Stanley Clarke, Jeff Beck, Billy Cobham and the
Mahavishnu Orchestra. This how I got to listen to John
McLaughlin’s work among which this record. The free-jazz
here is no music you will find at the GG in general.
An exception ..

Goeiemorgen, eens iets totaal anders vandaag. Ik heb een
passage van deze plaat nodig voor een project, zodoende
moest ik hem vanmorgen digitaliseren. Toen ik zo’n 15/16
jaar oud was luisterde ik veel naar jazz-rock. Muziek van
Stanley Clarke, Jeff Beck, Billy Cobham en ook the Maha-
vishnu Orchestra. Zodoende kwam ook deze eerste van John
McLaughlin op mijn pad. De free-jazz hier is geen muziek
die je op de GG vaker aan gaat treffen hoor.
Een uitzondering ..


01 – Extrapolation
—- It’s funny
02 – Argen’s bag
—- Pete the poet
—- This is for us to share
03 – Spectrum
—- Binky’s beam
—- Really you know
04 – Two for two
05 – Peace piece


7 thoughts on “John McLaughlin – Extrapolation
Polydor 1972

    • Here’s one from the memory bank. I’m having a bit of a flashback… those were heady times. Many fond Mahavishnu memories, birds of fire and inner mounting flame sublime. Throw in Carlos for a very tasty double helping of love supreme.

  1. Site wordt plotseling als Not Secure aangegeven in Google Chrome.
    Heb daar op meerdere sites last van de afgelopen dagen.

  2. His first solo LP if I remember right. Looking back from 2021, I think those Mahavishnu Orch. LPs sound a bit dated but as this was straighter jazz guitar, not this one that still sounds great. Thanks for the reminder. Think his work with Shakti might also still sound good……..

    • For me the music with with Shakti is far superior than this one. Jazz rock is a hard thing to do when you’re not the Miles Davis of In a silent Way (greatest of the greatest).
      Anyway, thanks Moos for those who are a little bit nostalgic of these great times of music.

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