2 thoughts on “Anytha-Ngapy Productions présente
Choc Stars à Paris
Tala Mboté Ya Mbura Matadi
Roboti! Robota! Roboté!
Anytha-Ngapy Productions 1985

  1. Oh I adore this one! Maybe the peak of Bozi Boziana-era Choc Stars. Superb stuff.

    Thanks as always.

    On the cover – left to right in the front row, if I’m not mistaken: Djo Mali, Djuna Djanana, Defao, Bozi Boziana and Ben Nyamabo (half cut off the right)

    • You also have the rhythm guitarist Teddy Acompa and drummers Otis Edjudju and Petit Cachet in the photo.

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