Malage de Lugendo – Malage de Lugendo
No Label 1989

From 1989 we find this tape with Malage de Lugendo.
He sang with Franco’s TPOK Jazz, Mayaula Moyoni, Tabu
Ley’s Afrisa and other groups. I’ve added three of
Malage’s finest songs. Listen to Malage
and his golden voice, sweeet ..

Uit 1989 hebben we vandaag deze tape met Malage de
Lugendo. Hij zong met Franco’s TPOK Jazz, Mayaula Mayoni,
Tabu Ley’s Afrisa en andere groepen. Ik heb drie van
zijn betere songs toegevoegd. Luister naar
Malage en zijn gouden stemgeluid ..


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Bonus Tracks:

05 – Franco et le TPOK Jazz – Celio
06 – Franco et le TPOK Jazz – Testament ya bowule
07 – Le Grand MaĆ®tre Franco et le TPOK Jazz – Ekaba-kaba


8 thoughts on “Malage de Lugendo – Malage de Lugendo
No Label 1989

  1. He also joined Zaiko Langa Langa around this time and was important there. First I think he performed on the ‘Sentiment Bimi’ album you have on this site, then after the band split between Nkola Mboka and Familia Dei sides he joined the former (Bimi led the latter)

  2. He sang with Zaiko Langa Langa, Les Champions du Zaire, Odemba OK Allstars a.o.
    There’s an interview on youtube about his career spanning more than 40 years.

  3. Hi Moos,

    Great to talk to you after such a long time!

    A great album by Malage de Lugendo coupled with harmonious vocals by Lokombe Ntal Nkalulu alias Bola Bolite, perhaps towards the end of his stint at OKJ before joining Zaiko Langa Langa,

    Just a correction, there’s a mix-up in naming between tracks 1 & 2. Kindly do the amends and thanks for your ever great contribution on this noble site.


    Bavon Marie Marie.

  4. There’s a ton of cassette only releases floating about. The quality can be very sketchy but the music often otherwise. If that’s all there is we’ll take it any way it comes. Cheers

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