Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour
Roi des Rois
Marc 1975

Dit zou best eens hun laatste album kunnen zijn geweest,
ik vond in elk geval geen jongere. Hij is uit 1975, deze met
Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour. Heerlijke mellow compas.
.. luister ..

This may well have been their last album, I couldn’t find
a younger one anyway. It is from 1975, this one with Les
Fantaisistes de Carrefour. Delightful and mellow compas.
.. listen ..


Ti Sonson
de Passage en Guadeloupe 1970
Vocal Rico Mazarin 1969
Petit Oiseau 1968

01 – Roi des rois
02 – Probleme flanneur
03 – Ce pa papa
04 – Ma moune
05 – Konca konca
06 – Morning’s love
07 – Belle promenade
08 – Secret mesdames yo


3 thoughts on “Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour
Roi des Rois
Marc 1975

  1. Very nice mood on this. I would have enjoyed that concert sampled on the accompanying youtube clip. My quebecoise partner quite liked it too. It kinda reminded me of the reincarnated baobab material; lots of years experience on stage and they still seem to be enjoying themselves.

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