Andrés Landero y su Conjunto
Mujer Querida
Discos Fuentes 1969

Listening to music while driving is one of the best ways.
You are alone in your car, a good sound surrounds you.
This way every note comes in as pure as possible. This
past week I was blown away by one of Landero’s songs
again. When it comes to vallenato he was one of the
greatest in the field. I went thru the records and found
that I haven’t posted this 1969 career album yet. It
sounds fairly well considering its age. Listen to
Andrés Landero and Mujer Querida ..

Één van de fijnste manieren om naar muziek te luisteren
is mijns inziens tijdens het autorijden. Alleen in je wagen,
een goede sound rondom. Zo komt iedere noot binnen.
De afgelopen week werd ik weer eens overdonderd door
een song van Andrés Landero op deze manier. Als we het
over vallenato hebben was hij wel één van de grootste
ooit. Toen ik door z’n platen bladerde kwam ik dit nog niet
geposte album tegen. Het klinkt aardig goed gezien z’n
leeftijd. Luister naar Mujer Querida ..

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Wikipedia Español

Piel Morena 1964
Los Triunfadores 1969
Voy a la Fiesta 1970
La Fiebre 1975
El Rey de la Cumbia 1978

El Hijo del Pueblo 1981
Puro Vallenato 1973
Acordeoneros Famosos 1975
Que ? Vallenatos 1976
La Seleccion Vallenata
Cumbias con Acordeon desde Colombia vol. 7
Cumbias Tabaco y Ron 1979
Seven 7″ from Colombia
Cumbias Cumbias Cumbias
Cumbias Cumbias Cumbias 1995

Vallenatos Calientes
Cumbias Solo Cumbias vol. 1 1974
Mas Cumbias…Mas Gaitas 1976
Cumbias Solamente Cumbias vol. 2
Cumbias Tipicas
Cumbias Solamente Cumbias 1976
Cumbias Solo Cumbias vol 2 1974
3 Reyes del Acordeon vol. 1
3 Reyes del Acordeon vol. 2
3 Reyes del Acordeon vol. 4
3 Reyes del Acordeon vol. 5

01 – Valledupar querido
02 – Toca la misma
03 – Que te vaya bien
04 – El gaitero
05 – Vivo llorando
06 – Perdi las abarcas
07 – Mi desdicha
08 – Carmen alicia
09 – El bautizo
10 – El enamorado
11 – Pobre landero
12 – Mujer querida


13 thoughts on “Andrés Landero y su Conjunto
Mujer Querida
Discos Fuentes 1969

  1. Moos…. you DA MAN!!!

    I really just came back from travelling the latin world for a month, made a coffee, I open my laptop to check whats goin´ on @ GG, first thing I see is a new Landero album..

    therefore –> YOU da man!!.. and thnx a bundle..


  2. About ten fifteen years ago, when I was just listening to crap, I downloaded some northern Chinese opera that was so amazing, it changed everything having to do with music for me. I was discussing that offering with you a few years later, having no idea who you were, and it turned out you were the person who posted it.

    Since then, I’ve amassed this 80,000 track library of music from every part of the globe, that is so precious to me, I can’t even begin to tell you. Only that if I were to lose these tracks, I would probably have to be put into an induced coma to deal with it. Anyway, I’m so thankful for you enriching my life so utterly. I started so late in life, and only wish I’d started sooner.

    Anyway, I just want to thank you. Thank you.

    • That is so very nice to hear Matthew,
      the whole idea of running this blog is
      to enrich your life the way you describe.
      I am grateful to succeed in this matter.

    • I concur with Matthew’s humourous comment about the fear of losing track of the tracks (I have numerous SD cards as backup). I expect we also share the anticipation of new discoveries and reminiscence of the gems Moos has posted over the years. 80,000 leagues under the sea with more deaths to plunge.

      • .. numerous SD cards is a way of course,
        I prefer using a huge external hard disc myself.
        However you store, always make back-ups to be sure ..

  3. Hello music lovers,
    At the moment we are experiencing some problems
    here at the Global Groove. With every post I try
    to make the left part of the page disappears.
    We’re aiming to deal with the matter but that takes time.
    For the time being just hang on until we succeed ..

  4. Thank you! This period of Fat Tuesday-Ash Wednesday in the USA is a time to celebrate music from New Orleans, and I listen to anything with accordions to get me in the mood. I knew nothing about Landero and vallenato–thanks for widening my horizons.
    I hope you get your posting issues fixed. I have donated a small amount to help. You have been so prolific and posted so much that we should all be patient and not worry about these speed bumps in the road…

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