May 11, 2008

Aracy de Almeida – Chave de Ouro
RCA Camden 1968

When I was searching for records in Rio de Janeiro
a couple of years ago, I discovered this little recordshack.
It is hidden in a backroom somewhere in Rua 7 de Setembro
in the old centre, I was so happy to find this
rare LP. These recordings were all made between 1935
and 1942. Aracy de Almeida is famous in Brazil for her
interpretations of the work of Noel Rosa, this album
however doesn’t contain one of those songs.


01 Amanha eu dou
02 Vai trabalhar
03 Engomadinho
04 Você me paga o que fez
05 Vais te cansar
06 Dizem por aí
07 Chave de Ouro
08 O passarinho do relógio
09 Ele vem chorando
10 Tem tempo
11 Quebrei a jura
12 A mulher do leiteiro
13 Bate, bate coraçao
14 Contentamento


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