May 18, 2008

Various Artists – Bossa Nova
Sua Historia, Sua Gente
Philips 1975

Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes and Carlos Lyra.

This Luxurous 3 LP Box Set, incl. 20 page booklet from 1975 on Philips
is a true collectors item. Bossa Nova is no type of music that we frequent
at Global Groove, it is more an item for Loronix. I offered it to Zecalouro
from Loronix when I visited him in Rio last year, with all RESPECT Zeca,
I never understood you didn’t use it. I remember going through that
wonderful book on Bossa Nova by Caetano Rodrigues and found
that it was registered there as well.


Pt 1
1 Mario Reis – Sofrer é da vida
2 Dick Farney – Você
3 Doris Monteiro – Nos e o mar
4 Donato e seu trio – Só danço samba
5 Billy Blanco – Mocinho bonito
6 Os Cariocas – Samba do aviao
7 Lucio Alves – Rio
8 Elizete Cardoso – As praias desertas
9 Agostinho dos Santos – Ultimo canto
10 Leny Andrade – Influéncia do jazz
11 Tamba Trio – Minha saudade
12 Lenita Bruno – Por toda a minha vida
13 Joao Gilberto – Samba de pergunta
14 Roberto Menescal – Samba de verao
15 Maysa – Demais
16 Sérgio Ricardo – Folha de papel
17 Oscar Castro Neves – Chora tua tristeza
18 Claudette Soares – Ao amigo Tom


Pt 2
1 Sylvia Telles – Você e eu
2 Carlos Lyra – Coisa mais linda
3 Sérgio Mendes e Bossa Rio – Ela é carioca
4 Nara Leao – Maria Moita
5 Lennie Dale – Upa neguinho
6 Zimbo Trio – Que maravilha, Chove chuva, mais que nada
7 Luiz Eça – Tristeza de nos dois
8 Quarteto em Cy – Tem mais samba
9 Edu Lobo e Tamba Trio – Borandá
10 Baden Powell – Berimbau
11 Astrud Gilberto – The girl from Ipanema
12 Vinicius e Toquinho – Carta ao Tom
13 MPB 4 – De palavra em palavra
14 Os Gatos – Chuva
15 Rosinha de Valença – Tema de bonheca de palha
16 Chico Buarque – Olha Maria
17 Elis e Tom – Só tinha de ser com voçe
18 Tom Jobim – Ana Luiza


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  1. J Thyme...kind 20 May 2008 at 10:17 - Reply

    This is a nice look at the Philips label. As the “Blue Brasil” series is to the EMI Odeon label.

  2. Gonzalez on Speed 30 June 2008 at 15:40 - Reply

    ik heb een exemplaar van deze set.
    Gevonden in Porto Alegre toen ik daar was – exact 1 jaar geleden voor mijn werk. Ik begrijp dat je nog al eens naar Brazilie gaat voor plaatjesjagen.
    Vandaar deze gouden tip: het barst er van de tweedehands platenwinkeltjes ! Heb zelf 20 prachtplaten gescoord daar.(ik begin pas met verzamelen dus een eigen blog duurt nog even)
    Het ligt bijna tegen Uruguay aan, dus ik zou in de winter hier gaan , het is er nogal koud in juli ; )

  3. grooVemonzter 16 March 2009 at 15:05 - Reply

    A musical treasure. Somehow Bossa Nova always takes me back to those wonderful days in the early 1960’s.

    I was a young boy during the Bossa Nova craze. I lived in Los Angeles, California, so we only caught the tip of the iceberg. The popular albums by Stan Getz, Joao Gilberto, and Carlos Jobim were all great but I’ve always wanted to have a deeper look at this beautiful music.

    Thank you very much for this post. It will be listened to with pleasure.



  4. Joy Mars 8 March 2010 at 20:20 - Reply

    Thank you so much for this compilation. I have no idea why the inestimable Zeca Louro did not post this on Loronix, but I’m glad I stopped by. I love to hear how Brazilians experienced their own musical revolution that was Bossa Nova. I have heard Jobim albums that he did before the Bossa Nova sea change and it is clear that the new sound was a collaborative effort involving many geniuses. Thanks again for this historic insight.

  5. Anonymous 24 March 2011 at 15:12 - Reply

    Great stuff! Thanks


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