June 28, 2008

Araci de Almeida – Noel Rosa na voz de
Araci de Almeida, Continental 1968

Araci de Almeida, front, cd size

It was a lovely day in February last year, when I was on my Rio record
hunt. I discovered a little hidden recordstore in ‘Rua 7 de setembro’
downtown Rio, and then it happened. I could hardly believe my
eyes when I found this rare LP. I think I payed something like 15
Reais, my day was made ! Listen carefully to this fantastic piece of
Samba History, all songs written by Noel Rosa and sung by Aracy
de Almeida. I always wondered how it is that one time they say
‘Araci’ and the other ‘Aracy’, one way or another, I love it.


01 – Meu barracao
02 – Sao coisas nossas
03 – Fita amarela
04 – Cor de cinza
05 – A melhor do planeta
06 – Palpite infeliz
07 – Feitico da vila
08 – Pra que mentir
09 – Ultimo desejo
10 – Conversa de botequim
11 – Nao tem traduçao
12 – Silencio de um minuto


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