July 5, 2008

Alcione – Morte de um Poeta, Philips 1976

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam to check some of my favorite
recordshops, and found some great stuff, among others
this ‘Alcione’,
I know some bloggers who like her extremely much, like my
Sambapals Justin and Arnaud, and so do I, Check it guys.


1 Morte de um poeta
2 Agolona
3 Retalhos
4 Cajueiro velho
5 Tatú, engenheiro do metrô
6 É melhor dizer Adeus
7 Canto do mar
8 Lá vem você
9 Lua menina
10 Traje de princesa
11 Tiê
12 Jesuino galo doido


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  1. Gonzalez on Speed 5 July 2008 at 17:36 - Reply

    Good plan! I will check out the tomorrow.
    Due to this blog I have the “collectors”-disease for fantastic music too ….

  2. J Thyme...kind 7 July 2008 at 17:49 - Reply

    Thanks for the higher bitrate on this Moos.

  3. Anonymous 17 January 2011 at 18:23 - Reply


    and thanx for the great uploads)

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