October 15, 2008

Le Poete Lutumba Simaro et le Tout PuissantO.K. Jazz – Coeur Artificiel, ASM

I have another ‘Lutumba’ for you but it has One Problem !
The first track; ‘Coeur Artificiel’ has a disturbing Tac..tac..tac
through the whole number, a real Big Shame !
Maybe one of you wizzkidz can remove it for us and send it back.
Unfortunately I don’t control those skills. On the other hand I
thought you wouldn’t want to miss it anyway, the other 3 songs
sound as they should. Have you seen the video’s I linked you to
at Worldservice yesterday ? Absolutely amazing to see how
Lutumba plays that guitar, if you didn’t, go watch it !


1 Coeur artificiel
2 Mangassa
3 Sindo na Bruxelles
4 Maclebert


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