February 6, 2009

Los Ahijados, Cuco y Martin Valoy
Sones Montunos vol. 2
Discolor 1981

The brothers Cuco and Martin Valoy are from the Dominican
Republic but they played mostly Cuban style Son, Merenge
and Salsa aswell. Their voices matched like bread
and butter. This is son montuno like you haven’t heard much
before, absolutely great. You can find plenty more of the
brothers at Listentoyourears, listed at our sidebar.
Enjoy Los Ahijados.


1 La lechuza
2 Virgencita del consuelo
3 No compay
4 Traicionera
5 Malli
6 Bailalo y gozalo
7 Deja gozar mi negra
8 Quiero un vacilon
9 El huerfanito
10 Calma y olvido
11 El son del campesino
12 Mi son Cubano


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  1. Al 30 December 2014 at 21:38 - Reply

    Thank you for this, and the other albums I’ve heard of this duo (and Cuco’s other ventures). Really got me into this material in the last few months, you have.

    I’m finding Los Ahijados completely CHARMING.


  2. c-record 21 September 2021 at 04:53 - Reply

    great stuff! que viva el son!

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