May 6, 2009

Anniversary Post Celina y Reutilio – Quiero bailar con Celina, Suaritos

Ever since I first heard the voice of Celina Gonzalez, I am
under her spell. She’s got such power in her singing, superb.
Just get this album and it shall convince you.


1 Quiero bailar con Celina
2 Romance guajiro
3 Oracion a la caridad
4 A un presidiario
5 Yo soy el punto Cubano
6 Mi conga por Santiago
7 A Francisco
8 Celina canta a Puerto Rico
9 Papa candelo
10 Su laud
11 Anda
12 Son guajiro del monte


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  1. Roxana27 9 May 2009 at 23:20 - Reply

    thanks man,,, it is the best latin mixt duo of all times

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