May 15, 2009

Mayos Muana Ngombo – Signé Eddy’Son, Eddy’Son Consortium Mondial

Orchestral leader, saxophone player Eddy Gustave somehow always
brings out the best in artists. The sessions on Eddy’Son Consortium
Mondial draw my immediate attention when I find them. Such as this
one by Mayos, outstanding vocals. I am also exited
by the extraordinairy work of this drummer, ‘Nole Ti-Paul’, very
nice and tight. And of course Eddy’s sax, superb like always.


1 Nalembi-kotuna
2 Mualey-nangay
3 Mobali-nangay
4 Mitumba-libisa


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  1. Anonymous 16 May 2009 at 00:23 - Reply

    Wow. I just found this same LP last week and digitized it. Great vocals indeed. Thanks, I’ll compare my results with yours.


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