September 11, 2009

OK Jazz – Authenticité vol. 5, african 1977

OK Jazz, front, cd size

Yesterday, when I was ripping this here album, I found out it was
released under a different name too. It is the same one as this_one .
The photo on ‘Grands Succes’ is from much later then 1977 if I’m not
mistaking, so this one should be older logically. Anyway, it’s an
outstanding LP so I don’t mind posting it again, enjoy it once more.


1 Matata ya muasi na mobali ekoki kosila te 1&2
2 Radio Trottoir 1&2
3 Oko rgretter ngai mama 1&2
4 Mace 1&2
5 Bandeko na ya mibali basundoli ngai 1&2
6 Moleka 1&2


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  1. Webs 12 January 2016 at 00:11 - Reply

    Mate, thank you for all you have done for my life! After decades never having access (in New Zealand). Best music I ever heard. My favourites are Les Bantous de la Capitale, Choc Stars, Youlou and Nico. My history Beatles, some Latin, Four Tops,Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison, John McLaughlin & Miles Davis, Mozart, Burning Spear. I love your attitude, never pompous,

    • Moos 12 January 2016 at 08:49 - Reply

      Kia ora down under, thnx Webs..
      a big hungie to you

  2. Dennis 22 May 2021 at 12:13 - Reply

    Thanks Moos, don’t know how I missed this one

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