September 6, 2009

Rochereau/San Manguana et l’African
Fiesta National – Belle Epoque Volume III
african 1985

This Volume 3 of yet another series of albums on the african label, was
released in 1985 but the recordings on it are much older. It is a
mixture of numbers, some solo and some sung together. Both Rochereau
and Sam Manguana sound very young and fresh. Beautiful music.


1 Kasoule
2 Marie Jea
3 Humanité
4 Sophie Elodie
5 Binelita
6 Samambi
7 Mwasi abongi na libala
8 Easra
9 Amour fou
10 Mwana ya vangu
11 Adieu la belle
12 Tarcisse


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