October 29, 2009

Os Bambas – O Melhor em Samba vol. 9, OKeh 1973

O Melhor em Samba vol, cd size

Today I was in the mood for samba all day, playing lots of old
records I could not avoid posting samba tonight. This is a collector
of famous songs by ‘Os Bambas’ with the great Zuzuca’s lead vocals
on 4 out of 12 tracks. 4, 6, 9 and 12. Especially track #4 is one of
my all time favourite samba songs, ‘Quando eu me Chamar Saudade’
of the hand of Nelson Cavaquinho, Brazillian Blues. Se diverte.


1 Deboches
2 Rasgo seda à bessa
3 Mexe mexe
4 Quando eu me chamar saudade
5 Do lado direito da rua direita
6 Quando vim de Minas
7 Desafio
8 Corta essa
9 Quando a policia chegar
10 Guardei minha viola
11 Subí o morro
12 Terra amada


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  1. Anonymous 10 July 2013 at 19:13 - Reply

    Oi, I love the tracks on this, but the download link doesn't work anymore. Is there anyway I could get my hand on a digital copy of this?

  2. gloomood 3 September 2020 at 01:24 - Reply

    Some mind-blowing themes here:
    04 – Os Bambas – Quando eu me chamar saudade
    07 – Os Bambas – Desafio
    08 – Os Bambas – Corta essa !!!!!!!

    Thank you dude for gifting us unique wings for our minds !

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