November 3, 2013

Franco et le Tout Puissant OK Jazz Mabele, Authenticité…Maturité…Jeunesse ! le cadeau d’anniversaire 18 du T.P. OK Jazz Soneca 1974

Mabele, front

This is a re-post. It was already here at the GG as ‘African 360.056′.
Since we have so many dead links I thought it would be appropriate
to bring it again. The album was released in 1974 celebrating the
OK Jazz’ 18th birthday and becoming adult. To my opinion these
are seven of the grandmaster’s most wonderful songs, if you do
not have them yet, Get it & Spread it !
Have a nice sunday.


1 Mabele (Ntotu)
2 Kinsiona
3 Luka mobali moko
4 Monzo
5 Kinzonzi ki tata mbemba
6 Mwana oyo
7 Mambu ma miondo


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