December 2, 2013

le Seigneur Rochereau et l’African
Fiesta National le Peuple, Ngoma

Rochereau, front

Last saturdaynight the world has lost a great artist. Tabu Ley Rochereau
was a legend, at the age of 73 he died at the Saint-Luc hospital in Sint-
Lambrechts-Woluwe near Brussels, Belgium. He suffered from a stroke
some years ago and never really recovered. “His condition got worse a
lot since last monday.”, his son in law Jean-Claude Muissa stated. Pascal
Tabu was born november 13, 1940 in Bandundu, Belgium Congo in those
days. He wrote his first song barely 14 years old for African Jazz. The lp
we’ve got here today is on Ngoma, a real gem.
Give it a couple of spins and remember
Tabu Ley Rochereau,
pass it on as much as you can..
P.S. This is a RE-POST.


1 Mokrano
2 Gipsy
3 Kashama nkoy
4 Caroline mama
5 Toyota
6 Kasala
7 Mon mari est capable
8 Bel Abidjan


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