April 19, 2014

Os originais do Samba – Pra Que Tristeza RCA Victor 1974

Os Originais do Samba, front

Goodmorning groovers, it has been a long time since I’ve
posted some samba. I know that most of our visitors don’t
like it a lot but I am a sucker for good samba. I also know
that some of our frequenters do like it, in fact one of them
specifically asked me to post more Brazillian material. So
here is an lp by a very popular group, we had four of their
albums in the past.

Remco, check these out, I’m sure you’re gonna like what
you hear, take your guitar and play along..cheers..


1 Saudade e flores
2 Samba do “Arnesto”
3 Cabeça que não tem juízo
4 Tragédia no fundo do mar
5 Pra que tristeza
6 Mulata faceira
7 Boato
8 Canto de amor
9 Buchicho
10 Complicação
11 Quem me dera
12 Não sei de nada


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