September 12, 2014

Bovea y sus Vallenatos
Discomoda 1973

Bovea, front

If I try to find this in the Rough Guide on latin and such,
there’s not any information. ‘Parranda’ music from Colombia
seems absent in the guide. They speak of parranda from
Venezuela and other countries but no Colombia. Bovea
and his Vallenatos are well known for their acoustic
interpretations of cumbias, merengues, paseos and
parranda. This lp from 1973 on ‘Discomoda’ gives
us some fine examples of their work. Guillermo
Buitrago, Hermanos Bedoya and Gildardo
Montoya, all soon to come..


1 La media luna
2 La desobediente
3 Tu no vales nada
4 Mi pollito colorao
5 La hamaca grande
6 Consuelito
7 La basurita
8 Mi amor de claudia
9 El pajarito de mi novia
10 La muerte de abel antonio
11 Nely
12 Mi ligia amada


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