September 6, 2014

TP OK Jazz – Héritage de Luambo Franco
Eau Bénite… Hommage a Luambo Makiadi
Tamaris 1990

TP OK Jazz, front

I was in doubt for a while, the quality of this lp is not that
good, but untill I find a better specimen we’ll have to settle
with this one. It has some pops and sh*t but still.. the songs
about Franco send shivers down my spine. The group he
left behind didn’t vanish with ‘le grand maître’ but kept
making the music that used to be his life..
Madilu, Djo M’poy, N’dombe Opetum,
Josky and Simaro, all present
with the TP OK Jazz.


1 Eau bénite
2 Hommage a luambo-makiadi
3 Ladji-mundele
4 Jacquina
5 Pot pourri
6 Franco luambo


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  1. Steinar 6 September 2014 at 22:47 - Reply


  2. Gabbie 9 September 2014 at 05:33 - Reply

    TP. Ok Jazz Heritage de Franco. Thanks for the great stuff you always post esp on these great sons of Africa.On this particular LP , they misprinted , track 4 should be 5 and vice versa. I also have an LP with nos, 2& 6 only on the entire LP but the sleeve is completely different from the one you have posted. I have tried to photo the front & back cover for you. My copy is in mint condition, If you give me your e mail add I would be more than happy to mail them to you

  3. John 9 September 2014 at 08:55 - Reply

    many thanks with this gem. Sorry but to ask any luck with Tabu Ley festac 77. Kindly share the wealth…

    1. Presentation Par & Instr Mulopwe
    2 Adeito
    3 Anta
    4 Ekeseni
    5 Yombe
    6 Mpo Mapasa
    7 Mbelenga

  4. Sebastian MacBride 3 October 2014 at 23:03 - Reply

    Can always count on GG’s for sweet sounds…thanks again!!

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