October 30, 2014

Clube do Samba, vol. 3 – Various Artists
RCA Victor 1987

Clube do Samba, front

Clube do Samba, back

This samba collector contains songs by some of the best
sambistas ever. Part from Marquinhos Satá, all the artists
have at least a couple of albums here at the GG. Check
them by using our search-bar on your left hand side. I guess
I can safely say I like all the songs on this fine lp. The artwork
is another factor that stands out to my opinion, very tasteful
and just the way I like it. Did you know samba sometimes goes
accompanied by matchbox rhythms ? When played in the street
and when there’s no backing musician available the singer just
taps his fingers on the box to create his own rhythm, very
soft and subtle. It is not a thing you can find on this here lp
though, all songs here are amplified as you may expect.
Listen and find yourself dancing across the room
before you realise, get & spread..


1 Alcione – Mocidade independente
2 Bezerra da Silva – Malandragem da um tempo
3 Beth Carvalho – Corda no pescoço
4 Martinho da Vila – Cadê a farinha ?
5 Marquinhos Satá – O rei do cheque sem fundo
6 João Nogueira – Boteco do arlindo
7 João Nogueira – Sonhos de natal
8 Alcione – Jacaré sumiu
9 Martinho da Vila – Pagode da saideira
10 Marquinhos Satá – Me engana que eu gosto
11 Bezerra da Silva – Meu bom juiz
12 Beth Carvalho – Nas veias do brasil


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  1. Sulingman 30 October 2014 at 23:20 - Reply

    Thanks for this! Not the biggest Samba fan but to my ears this sounds like one of the finer compilations of modern Samba.

  2. peacenik 1 November 2014 at 17:52 - Reply

    Nice samba collection Moos, much appreciated.

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