December 29, 2014

Nafer Duran, Rey Vallenato ’76
Con Póker de Exitos se Coronó
Tropical 1976

Nafer Duran, front

Are you one of our visitors interested in vallenato ? Take a look here.
If you look at the schedule of winners of the tournament, you’ll
find Nafer Duran as the winner of 1976. This is the album launched
afterwards and gives us a fine impression of what was considered
the best vallenato in that year. Other winners will pass by later
but today listen to the great Nafer Duran and his winning sound.

Unfortunately the 8th track of the lp was damaged too much to play,
( tracks 8 & 9 were originally 9 & 10 ) I left it and to make
up for the loss, I have added some singles
as bonustracks, they are from 1975.


1 El primo
2 Adiós adiós
3 Dos cartas
4 Las mujeres
5 Con sentimiento
6 Vivo pensando
7 Lolita
8 Marina
9 Negrita brava


10 El Rezo
11 Laberinto
12 La invitación


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