December 24, 2014

Osvaldo Nunes & the Pop’s – Ta’ Tudo Aí !
Equipe 1974

Osvaldo Nunes, front

It is from 1974, Rio de Janeiro Brasil, on the Equipe label
and quite something different than one would expect.
Osvaldo Nunes was here before with a straight samba
album but the one we have here today has a much more
poppy sound. It is samba but with more guitar and organ,
mostly we hear a more accoustic sound with violão,
cavaquinho and cuíca and such. Osvaldo Nunes and
the Pop’s really rock ! Give it a spin, listen
and make up your own mind..


1 Ta’ tudo aí !
2 Cateretê
3 Outro amor de carnaval
4 Você deixa ?
5 Guerra santa
6 Tamanqueiro
7 Dendeca
8 Dôce canção
9 Cascata
10 Mulher de malandro
11 Chorei, chorei
12 Canto da sereia


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