January 4, 2015

Colacho Mendoza y su Conjunto –
Concierto Vallenato vol. 2
“La Niña Esquiva”, Orbe

Colacho Mendoza, front

Tomorrow I have a meeting scheduled with my buddy
Sanjay who just came back from Colombia. Let’s see
what he brought back this time. One of the artists I got
to know this way is Colacho Mendoza. His vallenatos
now belong to my favourites and I really can’t resist
playing his music anymore. The album we have for
you today must be from the seventies somewhere,
it does not tell us. Volume one was released late
seventies so it will be close. Whenever Colacho
Mendoza came to play somewhere, it sounded;
“Llego Colacho…!!! Entonce vamo a bebé..!!
Colacho’s here, so let’s have a drink !


1 La niña esquiva
2 Pajarito
3 La pule
4 No grites corazon
5 La guacamaya verde
6 Pique vallenato
7 Ni tu, ni yo
8 El zorro ( continuación de gota fria )
9 Carmencita
10 Sabanas del diluvio
11 Amores en cine
12 Carmen diaz


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