January 14, 2015

Michi Sarmiento y su Combo Bravo –
Cum Cumbele, Discos Fuentes 300608

Michi Sarmiento, front

Goodmorning groovers, what have we got cooking for you today ?
Michi Sarmiento and his Combo Bravo are here to make you
dance around the room. On this album they combine various
styles. Guaguancó, Paseo, Son Mozambique, Cumbia, Bomba,
Cumbelé, Descarga and Paseaíto are brought easily by this
great band. I am crazy about the song ‘Hong Kong’, but the
whole lp is a joy to listen to. A little scratchy but
not too much. Get it and spread it as usual.


1 Arepa de arroz
2 Corazon herido
3 Navidad con michi
4 Cumbia raja
5 Mi bomba
6 Cum cumbele
7 Hay que aprender
8 Hong kong
9 El arroyo de macuya
10 Dejame vivir


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