January 18, 2015

São João Alegre ! – Various Artists
Philips 1963

São João Alegre, front

Maybe it is bacause of Forró em Vinyl, that site has so much forró
to offer that I neglected the genre. Only three albums over the past
seven years, about time to post some. For those who don’t know,
forró is from Brazils north eastern regions, always accompanied
by accordeons, ( or almost always ) and very happy. Today’s
album is a collector that contains songs by various popular
artists from the era, Jackson do Pandeiro is the most
famous but there’s Zé Calixto and others that bring
all short and catchy songs. I like’m a lot..
Get & spread ..


1 Jackson do Pandeiro & Almira – Na base da chinela
2 Jararaca & Ratinho – Viva são joão
3 Gabriel e seu Violino – Saltitando com a rabeca
4 Moura júnior – Avuale fulorão
5 Zé Calixto e sua Sanfona de Oito Baixos – Forró do carroussel
6 Zé Fernandes – Rancheira do porom pom pom
7 Jackson do Pandeiro & Almira – Vem amor
8 Zé Calixto e sua Sanfona de Oito Baixos – Milho verde na fogueira
9 Jackson do Pandeiro & Almira – Muié muderna
10 João Mello – Segure o fole calixto
11 Gabriel e seu Violino – Toca fogo na fogueira
12 Moura Júnior – Amor naquela base
13 Zé Fernandes – Oito baixo renitente
14 Jararaca e Ratinho – Quadrilha do arraiá


In the following video we see Zé Calixto and others explaining
the difference between a normal accordeon and the ‘sanfona de oito baixos’,
( sanfona with eight basses ) sorry, no subtitles..

and one about the Brazillian sanfona..

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  1. Jorge 18 January 2015 at 15:17 - Reply

    Thank you very-very much for your unimaginable treasures! I’m not only enjoing – I’m even carrying them with me & listening, listening… Maybe I’ll remember every one? Thanks for forro & cumbia firstly, and for West Africa secondly, and… Sorry, I need to listen for it right now! Thanks! And good luck!

    • Moos 18 January 2015 at 16:51 - Reply

      haha, that’s the spirit, carry your music with you always and just listen..cheers Jorge

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