February 22, 2015

Batatinha – Toalha da Saudade
Warner Music Brasil Ltda. 1976/2002

Batatinha, front

Some very laidback samba for your sunday afternoon. Originally
released in 1976, this is the 2002 cd re-issue. Batatinha’s songs
are smooth and easy going. Toalha da sudade one of his bigger
succes lp’s contains some jewels I’m sure you’ll love.
Give it a try and enjoy listening, coisa boa demais..


01 – Toalha da saudade
02 – Rosa tristeza
03 – Hora da razão
04 – Babá de luxo
05 – Marta
06 – Ondas do mar
07 – A sorte do benedito
08 – Fora do meu samba
09 – Espera
10 – Ironia
11 – Marca no pé
12 – Indecisão


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  1. Sam 12 April 2017 at 22:39 - Reply

    Thanks for this. I own the CD, but I hope others appreciate your making the music available. Batatinha is, indeed, mellow and laid back; but this is very poetic and subtle samba. His albums with Riachao (another Bahiano) are all good.

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