February 4, 2015

le Prince Youlou Mabiala – 1 x 2 = Mabé
IAD, 1984

Youlou Mabiala, front

Until now we had eight albums with le Prince Youlou Mabiala.
Use our search-bar to find them but first download this record.
It is another of his lp’s, from 1984 and on the IAD label. When
I find an lp like this, it is impossible to suppress a grin on my
face and I’m glad to bring it today, hope you like it like I do.
Get it & spread it the way you’re used to..


01 – Le corps refuse
02 – 1 x 2 = mabé
03 – Ondolé léa
04 – Hardy josé


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  1. DJ Daudi (David) 7 February 2015 at 06:15 - Reply

    Anything by Youlou Mabiala is recommended!

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