March 11, 2015

Samba é Aracy de Almeida
Elenco 1966

Aracy de Almeida, front

It must have been in 2007 or so, the first time I heard
this album was when I downloaded it from the great
Zecalouro at Loronix. I was sold straight away and
went looking for her music. As you may find there
are a few other records here at the GG. Aracy de
Almeida was the favourite interpreter of Noël Rosa’s
work of which two songs, first and last. She had a
voice one recognizes from 1000’s. The samba on this
lp is quite jazzy but I love it, it rocks
and I’m sure you’ll feel the same..


01 – Triste cuíca
02 – Cansado de sambar
03 – É mentira, oi
04 – Sabotagem no morro
05 – Batucada surgiu
06 – Mangueira
07 – Tem pena de mim
08 – Ora, ora
09 – Eu não sou manivela
10 – Trés apitos


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