May 15, 2015

Memorias de Luis Enrique Martinez,
el pollo vallenato, Discos Fuentes 1997

Luis E. Martinez, front

Winner of the sixth festival de la leyenda vallenato was Luis
Enrique Martinez. He was born in 1923 and made his first
record age 25. He joined the festival de Valledupar in 1968,
1971 and won it in 1973. “El Pollo Vallenato” is being
honoured with this ‘Memorias de -‘ an album with 16
of his best songs. Luis E, Martinez died on march
25, 1995. Listen to his great vallenatos..
P.S. unfortunately some tracks sound
better than others, it’s
a matter of age
I guess..


01 – El pollo vallenato
02 – El jardin de fundacion
03 – Villa del rosario
04 – La tijera
05 – Linda morena
06 – La dejo el tren
07 – Cumbia fonsequera
08 – No me hagas sufrir
09 – Alegre golondrina
10 – Cereteñita
11 – El cantor de fonseca
12 – La pobreza
13 – Tragedia del destino
14 – Sueño español
15 – La carta
16 – Morenita de ojos negros


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  1. Swan Vesta from Manchester (just skylarking!) 18 May 2015 at 23:50 - Reply

    Sounds pretty good to me Moos, apart from one jump half way. This one is a real gem – rootsie with understated bass-lines holding all the rhythm together backing accordeon primitivo – just my stylee. If these are his grand exitos they are remarkable consistent throughout, a knife, a fork, a bottle uncorked – say Juan Santos 12 anos Gran Reserva – you can just close your eyes and dream yourself into their set at some steamy outdoor bar on the coast to the east of Baranquilla (dub in a couple of frogs in the background for authenticity).
    More – please!
    Regards – SV

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