July 20, 2015

D.O.7 Shirati Luo Voice Jazz Band –
Kenyafrica! vol. 4, Playa Sound 1976

D.O.7 Shirati, front

Yesterday I took a walk through Amsterdam, checking a few second
hand record stores and guess what happened. I stumbled upon this
wonderful lp. we had numbers 1,2,3 and 5 but 4 was still missing.
I’m so very happy with this find, Daniel Owino Misiani and his Luo
Voice Jazz Band belong to my very favourite benga groups. Very
nice to complete the series with this record, get it now and you
will not be sorry. Strong instrumental parts and vocal
harmonies make this album a solid listen..

One more thing; it would be very nice if someone
knows why every song is called after a person’s name.
I keep wondering why they do that in benga music..


01 – Joshuah abuya
02 – G. ogalo
03 – James songora
04 – Chistopher odira
05 – Silus oyoo
06 – Obiero olumbe
07 – Siongo john
08 – Salmon okwaro
09 – Timothy ochanda
10 – Glary opiyo


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  1. NYC Kid 20 July 2015 at 23:57 - Reply

    Hello, Is it possible to upload the other volumes when you get a chance please? Thanks

    • Moos 21 July 2015 at 06:46 - Reply

      they are already on the blog kid, just use our search-bar and find them instantly..

  2. Anonymous 21 July 2015 at 02:46 - Reply

    Thank you DJ Moos! Kenyan music of this era is always a treat.

  3. kabunge 21 July 2015 at 16:35 - Reply

    Bwana Moos, just so that you know, in benga music, most of the time you’ll find that the band is singing in praise of their friends who at one time or another rendered them some favours, or persons whom they deem to be good leaders,phillonthropers, persons whom they think would offer good leadership if elected into a given office. Incase of the ladies , you’ll find that they are most likely just praising her beauty( a girlfriend) In this particular album all these guys are friends to the composers and they sociolised at some stage in one or the other of the towns in kenya.

  4. glinka21 22 July 2015 at 00:07 - Reply

    So, like the griot? Interesting, Kabunge. Thank you.

    Moos, it must be great to wander nearby streets and pick up such gems as Shirati Jazz produced. Hats’ off again for sharing this wonderfulness with all of us.

  5. Sylvester from Manchester 22 July 2015 at 17:53 - Reply

    Hi Moos,
    This is off-subject but during most of today (several hours) your site has been down and showing an error message when trying to open. The message says ‘Error establishing a database connection.’. This is at least the second time this has happened in the last few weeks. Obviously it is only a temporary hiatus as I can connect now. Are you aware of this? If so would you let us know what’s happening? Otherwise – for your information.
    Apologies if you have already dealt with this issue but you are pumping them out so quickly right now – I can’t keep up!

    • Moos 22 July 2015 at 19:17 - Reply

      Yes thank you Sylvester, I am aware of the problem but haven’t found the cause yet.
      We’re working on avoiding the problem but it might happen again before we find it,
      Thanks for asking..

  6. Dag 26 July 2015 at 22:52 - Reply

    Thanks for shearing this great Music!

    Greetings from Norway

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