July 15, 2015

l’Afrique Danse – Various Artists
african 360.042, 1971/1972

l'Afrique Danse, front

Always trying to find the next ‘african’ 360.000 series album
I go from fair to fair and from one recordstore to an other. The
moment one finds another number in the series becomes more
scarse all the time. So when it finally happens again a shiver goes
down my spine, such a thrilling experience. At the last big fair we
got lucky and found this one. Number 360.042 contains songs
in various styles. Track #3 by Tala André Marie and track #5 by
manu Dibango are the ones I less favour, together with #8.
The other five songs however please me very much. Skip
the weepies to go short and enjoy the rest of the album.


01 – Orchestre Elegance Jazz – Louise keba na ngai
02 – Orchestre les Bakuba – Likabu mabe
03 – Tala André Marie – Sikati
04 – Orchestre O.K. Jazz Infidelité mado
05 – Manu Dibango – O boso
06 – Orchestre Succes Bantou – Zololo
07 – Orchestre Co-Bantou – Naleli zizi
08 – Orchestre Ryco Jazz – Liwa ya mama


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  1. Tom 15 July 2015 at 15:42 - Reply

    Thanks for the album, man. You have not slowed down one bit over the years.

  2. mpenzi 15 July 2015 at 21:26 - Reply

    O Happy Day, another one from our friend, want to infect the globe with groove so generiously, you and me, let us go out this summer with some music to the vondelpark. to enjoy that wonderful feeling of freedom on that little island of dutch in the heart of europe…
    Thank you for all

  3. glinka21 16 July 2015 at 06:00 - Reply

    Thanks very much, Moos.

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