June 18, 2016

Carlitto & Defao – le Duo a Paris
Anytha Ngapy 1986

Carlitto & Defao, vorkant

Als je Carlito’s stem hoort dan ben je toch direkt verkocht ?
En die van Defao is al niets minder boeiend. Onweerstaanbaar
geluid, zeker met Rigo’s gitaar ernaast. Prachtige
Congolese sound, le Duo a Paris..

If you hear Carlito’s sweet voice there’s no turning back,
and Defao comes along just as strong, it is simply irresistible,
especially with Rigo’s guitar on the side. Wonderful
Congolese sound, le Duo a Paris..

titels ;

01 – Hyppo
02 – Kayisa nguya
03 – Mustapha
04 – Papa na jennifer


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  1. Harris Diavua Salakiaku 18 June 2016 at 09:34 - Reply

    Thank you moos for another smooth congolese LP, You know in 1986 Choc Stars changed because Bozi Boziana and Fifi Mofude left to form Anti Choc Stars along the same situation with Monza 1er and Koffi Alibaba who formed Stars Magnats they olny released two albums so Ben Nyamabo had three loyal singers Djuna Djanana, Defao and Petit Prince who just came from Victoria Eleison.

    In 1986 Carlito Lassa joined the team after his departure from OK Jazz after the Maya and Mario series (1984-1986) along with Debs Debaba (R.I.P.) who departed from the crumbling band Historia Musica which was led by Debaba himself and Koffi Olomide (1983-1986) then Choc Stars became full good team with Defao, Debaba, Carlito as the three main lead singers of Choc Stars from 1986-1991.

    BTW: Volume 2 of this album was Defao’s Solo called Kopalanga Te with the same line up.

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