September 26, 2017

Moninga Star présente
Jaffar & Michel Boyibanda
avec l’Orchestre Rumbaya
Edition Moninga Star / Safari Ambiance


Good evening groovers, it is a busy time, barely time to spend
with my precious vinyl these days. But no worries, with treasure
albums like the one we have today, one forgets the daily stress.
Michel Boyibanda has been here on earlier occasions, Jaffar only
appeared on an album by Prince Youlou Mabiala one time.
Today we find them together with Orchestre Rumbaya
on Moninga Star. Enjoy listening to this nice record..

Naarmate we ouder worden gaan we gaandeweg steeds wat
meer kraken. De meeste platen hebben daar ook last van. Dit
exemplaar begint krakerig maar gaat gaandeweg steeds beter
klinken (..not.. )Weer eens wat anders. Muzikaal gezien bevat
deze schijf trouwens vier krakers zogezegd. En dan bedoelen
we het in de positieve zin des woords, wat een verwarring..
Geniet van jaffar en Michel Boyibanda met
Orchestre Rumbaya.

tracks ;

01 – Banzela nionso kaka misapi
02 – Soso eleli
03 – Ado
04 – Bonganga


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  1. Tim Harrison 28 September 2017 at 17:42 - Reply

    Moos, in my part of the U.K. we call this a “belter”, meaning that it is an extra 10% above excellent. Fantastic music, all energy, and one of the best records that you have posted this year. Thank you, as always, and party on…!

  2. glinka21 8 October 2017 at 03:45 - Reply

    Thanks, Moos!

  3. niyi 10 March 2018 at 01:15 - Reply

    Thanks a lot! I like Orchestre Rumbaya a lot. There’s supposedly a record with Youlou Mabiala, Michel Boyibanda, and Loko Essengo out there somewhere.

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