February 24, 2018

Walter Wanderley – O Samba É Mais Samba
Odeon 1962


This early samba record is one from 1962. Walter Wanderley’s
organ rocks like no other’s. His records sound fresh as if recorded
only yesterday. Instrumentals are mostly not my favorites but for
this stuff I make an exception. Just like the albums of Ed Lincoln
some of his tracks are still in demand by today’s deejays. Very
cool bossa and samba from the old days..

Vandaag een vroege samba disc uit 1962. Walter Wanderley’s
orgeltje rockt nog steeds als geen ander. Zijn platen klinken nog
steeds fris alsof ze gisteren zijn opgenomen. Meestal en over het
algemeen ben ik niet zo van de instrumentalen maar voor dit spul
maak ik een uitzondering. net als sommige nummers van Ed Lincoln
zijn ook bepaalde tracks van Walter Wanderley zeer in trek bij
huidige deejays. Lekkere bossa samba sound uit de oude doos..

tracks ;

01 – Labareda
02 – Você e eu
03 – Volto já
04 – Eu não tenho onde morar
05 – Deixa andar
06 – Eu e o rio
07 – A mesma rosa amarela
08 – Corcovado
09 – Só vou de mulher
10 – Que sabe você de mim
11 – A nega se vingou
12 – Poema da vida


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  1. Carl Howard 27 February 2018 at 01:28 - Reply

    You know… To fully appreciate Wanderley, you really do need to catch him at this point in his career. As beautiful as his best known work on Verve is, it did become increasingly edgeless. This album for Odeon and others like it, on the other hand, were nothing short of remarkable.

  2. Anonymous 27 February 2018 at 07:01 - Reply

    appreciate it as I do not have most of the tracks Rik

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