March 1, 2018

the Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete
Disques Esperance 1975


Almost two years ago we already had a record from their hand.
It was a 1975 album and according to Youtube this one is too.
On Disque Esperance and recorded in Kenya, this is Mpete Wa
Mpete. The previous one was in Cavacha style, this is called
Kibutshi or Kibushi. Both styles should be Congolese I think,
you tell me..

Bijna twee jaar geleden hadden we er al eentje van hun hand.
Het was een elpee uit 1975 en volgens Youtube is deze dat ook.
Op Disque Esperance en opgenomen in Kenya is dit Mpete Wa
Mpete. De vorige was in Cavacha stijl en dit wordt Kibutshi of
Kibushi genoemd. Beide stijlen moeten volgens mij Congolees
zijn, vertel jij het mij..

tracks ;

01 – Anna
02 – Joyce take one
03 – Mokili eko baluka pt. 1
04 – Mokili eko baluka pt. 2
05 – Coup direct
06 – Babotoli mobali
07 – M.P.R.
98 – Olukaka makambo


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  1. shagasha 2 March 2018 at 00:17 - Reply

    Thanks for this recording. Kibushi is very good to my ears.

  2. LeFranck 6 March 2018 at 13:17 - Reply

    Just amazing find Moos. So joyful music.
    The history of the band is somehow a mystery. I got some information from different places:
    “Initially known as Bana Kibushi Batano, the band was formed in Lubumbashi, DRC, by Vicky Numbi. There is an area in now Katanga Province named Kibushi.
    In 1965, the band moved to Kigoma, Tanzania. It was there that the band received their new name – Hi-Fives – from an American Catholic priest.
    Two years later, they came Kenya to join fellow Congolese musician Pascal Onema, and Zambians Nashil Pitchen and Peter Tsotsi, who were with The Equator Sound Band in Nairobi.”
    In Kenya it seems like they used the name Orchestre Les Hi-Fives.
    In 2004 Vicky Numbi came back to the music scene in Nairobi with his band and new members. The band now renamed “Kibushi Sounds Band”.

    Some albums are hard to identify. As an example is this album labeled Melodica CD.
    01. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Mpete Wa Mpete
    02. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Jose na Lingaka
    03. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Mobali Na Ngai
    04. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Ekele Kele
    05. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Janne pt 1
    06. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Janne pt 2
    07. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Zonga Zonga
    08. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Bolingo Ya Pasi
    09. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Mambombwa Kululua
    10. Les Hi-Fives – Mpete Wa Mpete – Mama Wele Wele

    • Moos 6 March 2018 at 15:48 - Reply

      ..quite confusing all together, still, the most imprtant part is we love the music..
      cheers LeFranck..

  3. PeterK 8 March 2018 at 22:28 - Reply

    May I add another text from another album by Orchestra Les Hi-Fives:

    The Orchestra “LES Hl-FlVES” was found-
    ed in I965 in LIKASI (Zaire) by 5 young
    musicians who are, up to this day, still
    together. Of the 5 members 4 are singers
    while playing their respective instru-
    ments and during the years together they
    have grown to be such an outfit that their
    vocal and instrumental harmonies are
    something special indeed.

    The first 2 years of the Orchestra were
    spent in Zaire, then trips to East Africa
    and Zambia. In Tanzania and Kenya
    they are regarded as one of the most
    popular ensembles, partly as a result
    of their compositions but mainly for
    that special rythm of theirs “the KIBU-
    SHI”, which so excites everyone.

    At the moment the “Hi-Fives” are once
    again in Kenya for some time and have
    recommenced recording resulting in,
    amongst others, this long play record
    which will tremendously please their
    fans as well as those who are not yet
    converted to the “KlBUSHl”.’

    LES Hl-FIVES wish you lots of pleasure
    with this album whether used only for
    listening or for dancing. KlBUSHl

    • Moos 8 March 2018 at 23:00 - Reply

      ..thnx Peter, nice contribution..

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