April 26, 2018

Sir Waziri Oshomah & his Family
Traditional Soundmakers
Decca West Africa 1975


Remember Waziri Oshomah ? he mixed highlife, afrobeat, juju
and all kinds of music like reggae and rock and roll. His sound
is quite unique and stands out for originallity. Listen to this
album from 1975 and agree. Cool Nigerian stuff..

herrinner je je Waziri Oshomah nog met zijn weirde mix van
afrobeat, highlife , juju en spul als reggae en rock and roll ?
Zijn geluid was ook in de zeventiger jaren reeds baanbrekend.
Luister naar dit album uit 1975, Nigeriaans snoepgoed..

tracks :

01 – Etsakor v.i.p.s.
—–Lt momodu gimah
—–Inusah iyamah
02 – Col. shelu etc
—–Oluetse akhay oagboke
—–Wakhala gbe afenmai
03 – Oghena rememugie
—–Ilamoghena tseyo
—–Iwarue afenmai
04 – Etsakor chiefs
—– Rudson imodu sule
—–Asuorime rudson sule


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  1. good to go 5 May 2018 at 23:25 - Reply

    This is awesome!

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