October 17, 2018

Conjunto Evolução Africa – Muangolé – 1
Edição Voz de Cabo Verde VCV 001-105


Hoe deze muziekstijl wordt genoemd weet ik niet precies.
De groep komt van de Kaap Verdische Eilanden, Luis Morais
werkt erop mee. Het is geen morna of coladera. In het eerste
nummer hoor je dat ze het over samba hebben, in de titels lees
je cumbia, merengue en carnaval, hoe dan ook, deels instrumentaal
en deels gezongen vind ik het zeer het beluisteren waard, kijk zelf
wat je ervan vindt en geef hem weer door..

Na enkele comments van beter wetenden heb ik de tag Cabo Verde
veranderd in Angola. Ik had zelf beter moeten weten ..

How to call this musical style, I really wouldn’t know exactly. The
group is from the Cape Verdian Islands, Luis Morais participates.
It is no morna and no coladera. During the first song we hear they
mention it to be samba, in the titles we read cumbia, merengue
and carnaval. One way or the other, partly instrumental and partly
sung I think it is very much worth listening to. Make up your own
mind about it and pass it on to your friends..

After some comments of those who know better, I have changed the
tag Cabo Verde in Angola, I should have known better myself ..

tracks ;

01 – Mulatinha vai
02 – Cangato yó?!
03 – Dicanga dia povo
04 – Cumbia p’ra l. morais
05 – Merengue santo antónio
06 – Liberdade
07 – Mamãe anita
08 – Nda valuca mama
09 – Cumbia pé di cabra
10 – Carnaval… óh, ngueva!


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  1. Kitanda61 17 October 2018 at 10:35 - Reply

    Thanks as always Moos. I found these comments about the album… “Just got a mint copy, if my house burns this record is the only thing i’ll save, best cape verde record ever !” and ” Rare Cabo Verde, VCV 001-105 with a good version of David Ze’s ‘merengue Sto Antonio’ and more, one of the best LPs I have heard from the Islands, very much Angolan influenced” Nice one Moos!

  2. Olavo di Tchada 19 December 2018 at 11:54 - Reply

    This is Angolan music, but with the eminent Voz de Cabo Verde as studio musicians. Assume it is semba, not samba, they´re playing. VCV made a lot of recordings with Angolans, on their own label. Mostly, if not all, recorded in Holland.

  3. Tim 26 January 2022 at 00:06 - Reply

    It’s not surprising to find ”no morna and no coladera” here ))) ”Conjunto Evolução Africa” is not a caboverdian, but an angolan group! This is an album from 1976. And I strongly suspect that Luis Morais does not participate on it. ”Collaboration” might not mean playing. Maybe he collaborated to find a studio, or money, or some good instruments ))

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