November 14, 2018

Série Autógrafos de Sucesso
Ataulfo Alves
Fontana 1982


Over the years we have seen quite some sambistas from the
old days. Many great names of dito artists. Here’s a short list
of singers we saw on solo projects or on collector albums.
The singer we want to introduce to you today wasn’t on any of
them so far. Ataulfo Alves is the man. Born on may 2nd, 1909 and
passed away april 20th, 1969, only 59 years old. He wrote many
songs which are still played by samba artists today. if you know
Portuguese, check his Wiki page ..

De afgelopen tien jaar hebben er heel wat sambista’s uit verre
vervlogen tijden de revue gepasseerd. Hierna volgt een lijst met
grote namen van dito artiesten die we reeds te gast hadden met
solo projecten of op verzamel albums. De zanger die hier vandaag
wordt voorgesteld is er een die nog niet eerder langs kwam. Ataulfo
Alves is zijn naam. Geboren op 2 mei 1909, overleden op 20 april
1969, slechts 59 jaar oud. Hij schreef vele songs die ook vandaag
de dag nog door samba artiesten worden gespeeld. Als je toevallig
wat portugees vestaat, check zijn Wiki page ..

Aniceto do Imperio, Alberto Mota, Zé Keti, Bezerra da Silva, Cartola,
Elza Soares, Donga, Candeia, Roberto Silva, Noël Rosa, Tito Madi,
Ary Cordovil, Djalma Pires, Thelma Soares, Aracy de Almeida,
Batatinha, Nelson Cavaquinho, Osvaldo Nunes, Picolino,
Jorge Costa, Dona Ivone Lara, Carlos Cachaça, Jamelão,
Angela Maria, Billy Blanco, Dóris Monteiro

tracks ;

01 – Ai! que saudades da amélia
02 – Atire a primeira pedra
03 – Você passa eu acho graça
04 – Saudade do meu barracão
05 – O mais triste dos mortais
06 – Castelo de mangueira
07 – Mulata assanhada
08 – Lagoa serena
09 – Laranja madura
10 – Pai joaquim d’angola
11 – Se a saudade me apertar
12 – Agô – iê


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  1. Pete 15 November 2018 at 07:51 - Reply!LD5SHIxT!GMYvd8SySba52u5CSicCLKI8SeDoIvw9VVwHwaeMt50 … Hello all, I need some help. Can someone please identify this band and the venue where it was recorded? Thanks in advance. Also, anyone who like to trade rare live concerts can get in touch with me.

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