January 21, 2019

Aracy de Almeida – Aracy
Continental 1988


Zij was een van de belangrijkste vertolkers van het werk van
Noel Rosa. Kant twee van dit album bestaat volledig uit songs
van zijn hand. Op kant één vinden we nummers van verschillende
andere artiesten. Haar stem heeft me vanaf de eerste noten die
ik ooit hoorde gefascineerd. Kijk eens wat jij ervan vindt.
Luister naar Aracy de Almeida..

She was one of the main interpreters of the works of Noel Rosa.
Side-b of this record gives us only songs by his hand. On side-a
we find songs written by various different artists. From the first
time I heard it, her voice fascinated me. Listen and see if it does
the same to you. This is Aracy de Almeida..

tracks ;

01 – Desde ontem
02 – Conselho inútil
03 – A voz do morro
04 – Até o amargo fim
05 – O samba da vida
06 – Saia do caminho
07 – Silêncio de um minuto
08 – meu barracão
09 – A melhor do planeta
10 – Pra que mentir
11 – Último desejo
12 – Não tem tradução


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  1. Anonymous 21 January 2019 at 16:53 - Reply

    Thanks Moos One of my favorite female samba singers. Love her voice. But there are so many good Brasilean singers that I find it impossible to choose who I like the most. Rik

    • Moos 21 January 2019 at 21:11 - Reply

      Good to hear this Rik, it is so under estimated..

  2. Sip 30 January 2019 at 16:03 - Reply

    Beautiful discovery for me.. thank you so much

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  4. Gustavo Lopes 4 November 2021 at 23:08 - Reply

    Hello, I found out that your rips are being posted to Youtube (they even used the very picture you took of that cover). It’s apparently posted on by “official” means. Was it you, or are they just using your work? Just a curiosity, because I was wondering where were those rips comming from and I finally found your site. Congratulations for it, by the way!

    One example:

    • Moos 5 November 2021 at 07:52 - Reply

      Oi Gustavo, yes I know.
      This happens a lot and without giving credits of course.
      I don’t mind, in fact it means that more and more people
      listen to the music whis is the most important.
      Thank you for your feed back, um abraço ..

      • Gustavo Lopes 5 November 2021 at 17:08 - Reply

        Thank you for answering. We share the same view. At least it’s bringing the music to more and more people and, in my case, if it was not for them, I wouldn’t have found your site, haha.

        However, I’m still very curious about those ‘phantom’ digital releases that appear each time more often, with no criterea. Some of them are bizarre, such as this one, that features Elizeth Cardoso’s picture as if it was Aracy:

        Anyway, I have to thank you again because I was looking for a decent copy of ‘Samba da vida’ for a looong time (the one that existed previously on Youtube was doomed with improper noise reduction) and I finally have one thank you.


        • Moos 5 November 2021 at 22:51 - Reply

          Quite stupid indeed that sleeve
          with Elizeth, Hope you’ll enjoy
          my posts. Stay tuned.
          I’ll do some other samba for ya ..

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