June 24, 2019

Congo Theme Week, day 1
Le Poete Gina-Wa-Gina, Evoloko Lay-Lay
Mavuela Somo, Nkuru Yaka
Pepe Manuaku – Les Surdoues
du Clan Langa-Langa
J.P. Tshamala Moonwalker NM 46301

Summer started officially on june 21st. Temperatures are
rising instantly, records are expected to be broken this week.
African music fits in perfect under these conditions so a Congo
theme week seemed a logical thing to do. Congolese music is
most popular here at the Global Groove so let’s go. Today’s
album concerns a group of highly gifted talents of the Clan
Langa-Langa. We find Gina-Wa-Gina, Papa Wemba, Evoloko
Lay-Lay and Mavuela Somo on this hot Congolese entry.
No year of release is known of this French product.
Get it, spread it and enjoy listening ..

De zomer is officieel begonnen op de 21ste. De temperaturen
schieten ook direct omhoog, het schijnt zelfs dat komende week
warmte records zullen worden gebroken. Afrikaanse muziek com-
bineert hier goed mee dus een Congo thema week leek me logisch.
Congolese muziek is nog steeds zeer populair hier op de Global
Groove dus let’s go. We openen vandaag met een plaat met de
hoogbegaafden der Clan Langa-Langa. We vinden Gina-Wa-Gina,
Papa Wemba, Evoloko Lay-Lay en Mavuela Somo op deze hot
release waarvan geen jaar van uitgifte bekend is. Down, deel
en luister weer met veel plezier ..

tracks ;

01 – Cauchemar
02 – Jeux de kilondin
03 – Point d’interrogation
04 – Mandanda
05 – Melimpa-meliso
06 – Incertitude


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  1. Anonymous 25 June 2019 at 12:32 - Reply

    Seems to be ~1990 judging by the only other album discogs has on this label and also seems roughly that period by sound (

    A bit strange to only have Papa Wemba’s name on the back of the label and not on the front, since you’d think he’d be the most famous of them all at this time. I guess likely he played only a bit part.

    It seems primarily a Gina album as he wrote all of the songs here. Gina Efonge (aka Gina-wa-Gina) was a very important member in early Zaiko Langa Langa ~1970-74 when many of the key players here were there also (Wemba, Somo, Evoloko and Manuaku) so almost a 20 year reunion for them!

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