October 13, 2020

GlobeStyle presents Afro-Rythmes presents
Choc-Stars – Choc = Shock = Choc
GlobeStyle Records 1986

Today’s album with the Choc Stars is one with singers
Bozi Boziana and Ben Nyamabo. Enjoy listening ..

01 – D.V.
02 – Lieven
03 – Gina
04 – Santa


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  1. anon 13 October 2020 at 13:06 - Reply

    This one was first released as ‘Defao dans Santa’ where it notes only Defao as composer and the only other vocalist credited is Koffi Olomide (!). Though there are others in the mix I’m not sure it is Boziana who is usually much stronger and more distinctive.

    The guitarist credited on the other version is Sedjo Kha rather than the usual Roxy Tshimpaka.

    It may be a non-official album (despite having ‘Choc Stars’ clearly in the title)

    Probably it is from 1985 as by the end of 85 they ditched a lot of the animations used here for ‘Swele Ma’ (after Boziana left)

    The album I’m missing (and so is youtube) if you by chance have it is the one ‘Les Editions Bobet Presentet’ (first track Ena)

    • Moos 13 October 2020 at 18:28 - Reply

      Thank you Anon,
      I took the info from Discogs,
      you may be totally right and
      I’m sure others can confirm
      what you state here. Personally
      I have no knowledge of the matter ..

  2. Patraoo Jisko 14 October 2020 at 14:09 - Reply

    Thanks for this album Moos

    Do you have the album Awa Et Ben of Choc Stars, please ?

  3. Jillem 15 October 2020 at 03:09 - Reply

    Amigos de musica,

    Choc Stars – Awa Et Ben [Vinyl LP] (192k)

    Format: Vinyl LP album. Globestyle Records, UK release from 1986. Zairean rumba, or soukous, music from band formed by Bozi Boziana and Ben Nyambo in 1983. These recordings were originally on the Afro-Rythmes label. 4 tracks including: Awa Et Ben; Nocha; Lascar Pa Kapi; Miyo Motema.

    Choc Stars – Awa Et Ben [Vinyl LP]


    In case you missed this
    Bill Thomas – Bill-O-Men (1st & 2nd album) (Digital) (320k)

    • Patraoo Jisko 15 October 2020 at 12:35 - Reply

      Thanks so much.

      Do you have the album Retrouvailles A Paris (volumes 1 to 4) of Choc Stars, please ?

      • Harris Diavua Salakiaku 21 October 2020 at 10:00 - Reply

        For a reason the link is forbidden.

  4. Jillem 15 October 2020 at 23:52 - Reply

    Choc Stars ‎– Retrouvailles À Paris Volume 1 – 4

    One of the greatest multiple album sets of Congolese music is, in my opinion, the incredible four LP series, CHOC STARS RETROUVAILLES A PARIS on the Rythmes et Musique label. This is a set that I return to time and time again with joy and pleasure. Astonishingly enough, this set has never made it to CD reissue. In today’s era of double CDs stuffed with filler between the good songs, I am always nostalgic for this wonderful set of albums where every song is an “A-Side”. -DJ Daudi

    Choc Stars ‎– Retrouvailles À Paris Volume 1

    Choc Stars ‎– Retrouvailles A Paris Vol.2 Jaminata

    Choc Stars ‎– Retrouvailles A Paris Vol.3 Amour Infini Bakutu

    Choc Stars ‎– Retrouvailles à Paris Volume 4

    Volumes 1 to 4

  5. Antonio Cueto 11 May 2021 at 23:41 - Reply

    I would appreciate if you would correct the download link that is not available

    • Moos 12 May 2021 at 06:51 - Reply

      No problem found from this side,
      maybe try again ..

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