January 31, 2021

Michaelle, Michel & Pierre Moutouari
Mbolo, Black Music 46004-1

Onduidelijk van wanneer deze plaat is. Een samenwerking tussen
de broers Pierre en Michel Moutouari en met Pierre’s dochter
Michaelle. Waarschijnlijk wat late jaren tachtig met meer keys
dan snaren. Zodoende een stuk jonger klinkend dan de plaat
met Michel van gisteren. Voor de liefhebbers van soukous ..
(foto van hoes met extra zonneschijn)

Not entirely clear from what year this record is. A collaboration
between the brothers Michel and Pierre Moutouari and with
Pierre’s daughter Michaelle. Probably late eighties with more
keys than strings. Therefore much younger sounding then the
one with Michel we had yesterday. For soukous lovers ..
(sleeve-pic with additional sunshine)

01 – Assitou
02 – Mbolo
03 – La terre tourne
04 – Ba dia kanda
05 – Toli ya papa
06 – Dubb


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  1. Dennis 1 February 2021 at 13:38 - Reply

    Thanks again for the hard work and passion Moos

  2. Norio 3 February 2021 at 16:57 - Reply

    The page at
    indicates date of release as 1988.
    Thank you for the love & effort you bring to this blog!

  3. Luisiane 11 February 2021 at 04:12 - Reply

    Congolese musicians are the greatest in the world, and Moos is the greatest blogger in the world!!!

    • Moos 11 February 2021 at 07:47 - Reply

      Thank you Luisiane, but that’s a bit too much ;-)

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