March 27, 2021

Semana Forrozeira, Forró Theme Week, day 2
Genival Lacerda
O Senador do Rojão
Aqui Tem Catimberé
Beverly 1975

‘Uma semana forrozera’, a forró theme week is what we’ll
have this round. Over the years this pleasant Brazillian style
was neglected somehow. Only nine albums in 13 years. Let’s
have us some. First up is Genival Lacerda, he died in january
of complications resulting from COVID-19. This album contains
one of his biggest hits ‘Severina Xique Xique’. Discogs shows
us some 52 albums of which this is nº 10. Enjoy listening ..

Laten we eens een thema weekje maken met forró. Uma
Semana Forrozera. Deze prettige Braziliaanse muziek stijl
is enigszins ondergesneeuwd door de jaren. Slechts negen
albums in 13 jaar is wel erg weinig. We trappen af met
Genival Lacerda. Hij overleed in januari aan de gevolgen
van COVID-19. Deze plaat bevat een van zijn grootste hits
‘Severina Xique Xique’. Discogs heeft zo’n 52 van zijn lp’s
waarvan dit nº 10 is. Veel luisterplezier ..

Various Artists, Forró 1976
Greatest Squeezebox Recordings vol. 1

01 – Severina xique xique
02 – A filha de mané bento
03 – Deixem ela sofrer
04 – Bahia do catimberê
05 – Benzinho
06 – Ela é do contra
07 – Para papagaio
08 – Meu barco afundou
09 – Leão de cafieira
10 – Vamos brincar de roda
11 – Morena faceira
12 – Tenente bezerra


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  1. Ian Franey 28 March 2021 at 02:23 - Reply

    Ever since discovering “music for maids and taxi drivers” I’ve always loved forro and yes it is somewhat neglected. I’ve got a feeling… this week’s going to be a good week; brightened up by your posts but particularly since his “supreme leader” has finally agreed to get on board with Brazil’s vaccination program. Obrigada Moos and good health to all of South America and beyond.

    • Moos 28 March 2021 at 09:09 - Reply

      So glad you like this Ian, cheers buddy ..

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