April 16, 2021

Armando Pittigliani – Batucada No. 4
Philips 1977

Over the years we had us a couple of batucada albums.
The one we find today is quite exceptional, the use of
various instrumental effects and weird sounds make it
to a record to cherish. It contains the wonderful trem
batucada, the batucada train. Also featured are the
rhythms of the north east, a great set all together ..

Door de jaren hadden we al enkele toffe batucada albums.
Degene die we vandaag vinden is tamelijk uitzonderlijk, het
gebruik van diverse instrumentale effecten en gekke geluidjes
maken het tot een plaat om te koesteren. Hij bevat het originele
trem batucada, de batucada trein. Tevens brengt het de diverse
noord oostelijke ritmes. Een puike set alles tezamen ..

Mocidade Independenrte de Padre Miguel, Bateria Nota 10, vol. 3 1972
Mocidade Independenrte de Padre Miguel, Bateria Nota 10 1975
Paulinho e sua Bateria 1966
mereiles y sua Orquesta, Brazillian Beat, vol. 2 1967

01 – Solos de samba
02 – Repicando
03 – O som dos reis do batuque
04 – Esquentando o samba
05 – Couro come, ninguém vê
06 – O ritmo do partido alto
07 – O ritmo de samba de roda
08 – Trem batucada
09 – Tambores da selva
10 – Ritmos do nordeste, xote
11 – Ritmos do nordeste, arasta-pé
12 – Ritmos do nordeste, forró
13 – Ritmos do nordeste, xaxado
14 – Ritmos do nordeste, baião
15 – Ritmos do nordeste, coco
16 – Ritmos do nordeste, frevo de rua
17 – Ritmos do nordeste, maracatu
18 – O ritmo do afoxé
19 – O ritmo do candomblé


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  1. Harris Diavya Salakiaku 16 April 2021 at 15:33 - Reply

    Hey Moos, it’s been a long while since I wrote to you I hope you are well I wanted to ask do you have Loboko Zoba by Ok Jazz?

    • Moos 16 April 2021 at 21:18 - Reply

      never heard of, and I thought you were finally
      gonna respond to a different kind of music, you know,
      batucada from Brazil is quite spectacular ..

      a missed chance if you don’t listen to it ..

  2. Harris Diavua Salakiaku 17 April 2021 at 01:21 - Reply

    I’ll try to listen to it abroad my horizons.

  3. Anonymous 19 April 2021 at 07:49 - Reply

    good stuff indeed…

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